NooNConsultinG ART occupies a historic industrial building in the city of  BRUSSELS, remodelled by the architectural studio of the iconic Bruno Erpicum. 

Due to its arranged structure on four levels and infrastructure different from traditional art spaces, it hosts different types of artistic and cultural manifestations, included  Aula Temporis is open to time, knowledge and beauty through exceptional objects.

Ancient and contemporary masterpieces, objects of worship and/or study they are presented individually or in a group through timeless dialogues that defy the line of time-space-thought and nature…We approach and serve pieces that can revive, grow and generate collections that are built or want to be built on contemplative ambition and the growth of the intimate intellect at least…

We choose selected art collections that open their doors to the public.Diversity or beautiful and qualitative chaos governed by a «Discordia concors»

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