About Us

In April 2019, the Spanish businesswoman Désirée Meza founded NooN ConsultinG Art -with private capital- as an art exhibition, consultancy and acquisition space in Brussels.

In September 2020, NooN ConsultinG Art expands its services to include expert legal advice on art for companies and institutions and private collectors.

As of 2021, the Aula Temporis project was born, which adds the concept of ancient and 20th-century art to the contemporary art offer, enriching the dialogue and artistic diversity between current and past creation.


NooN ConsultinG ART occupies a historic industrial building in the city of BRUSSELS, remodeled by the emblematic Bruno Erpicum architecture studio .

Due to its structure arranged on four levels and an infrastructure different from that of traditional art spaces, it hosts different types of artistic and cultural manifestations, among them Aula Temporis is open to time, knowledge and beauty through exceptional objects.

Ancient and contemporary masterpieces, objects of worship and/or study are presented individually or in groups through timeless dialogues that defy the line of time-space-thought and nature… We approach and serve pieces that can revive, grow and generate collections that are built or want to be built on contemplative ambition and the growth of the intimate intellect at least…

We choose selected art collections that open their doors to the public. Diversity or beautiful and qualitative chaos governed by a «Discordia concors»


NooN ConsultinG presents multidisciplinary artistic projects in its own space and in other spaces.

We work under the practice that respects the classic and essential criteria of the art of collecting, and therefore artistic and intellectual non-discrimination. At NooN ConsultinG we work with total confidentiality, guaranteeing the non-disclosure of private information of our clients and partners.

Our services:

– Management of private art collections.

– Own preliminary services, historical examinations and appraisals carried out by NooN ConsultinG Art, or official certifications and authentication of works -carried out by expert organizations and collaborators-.

– Advice and drafting of reports and conservation guides.

– Expert services for restoration and assessment of the state of conservation of each work according to its origin.

– Legal, logistical and tax advice, aimed at collectors and private, corporate and institutional artists by our associated offices.