Madonna de la Humildad (virgen con nino)


Época: Italia sXV

Artista: Maestro di Lonigo

Información adicional

Dimensiones 49 × 76,5 cm
About the artist and the artwork

Attached is a copy of an experience of Prof. Dr. Gaudenz Freuler, Zurich, who qualifies the work as characteristic of the aforementioned artist.

Vertically rectangular format with curved edge at the top. The representation on a gold background with ornamental relief. Mary seated on the left in a landscape with a low horizon and densely represented vegetation. On her lap the baby Jesus with his hands crossed. Maria's nimbus conceived as a flat disk. Several variants of this painter's composition exist, for example in the Museo Civico in Pisa and in the Galleria Nazionalle dell'Umbria in Perugia. Other artists also used this pictorial idea, such as Zanino di Pietro and Jacobello del Fiore.

The painter's name derives from a now-lost portrait of the Virgin in Lonigo Cathedral, which was also the compositional model for the painting offered here. Unknown biographical dates, proven active between 1420 and 1440. Organized according to other scholars around 1400, the name refers to the altarpieces of the church of Lonigo, near Padua. (1250445)

Master of Lonigo,
15th century Italian masters
Tempera and gold on poplar panel.
In carved and applied Gothic tracery frame of later date.

Accompanied by an expert report from Professor Dr. Gaudenz Freuler, Zurich, describing the painting as characteristic of the named artist.

European private collection.

The name of convenience for this artist derives from a now lost painting of the Virgin Mary from Lonigo Cathedral, which was also the model for the composition of the painting offered for sale in this lot.

This object has been individually checked against the information in the Art Loss Register database and is not registered there as stolen or lost.